Driving Derry Forward

For too long the West has always been treated as second best. Since my election in 2011, I have worked tirelessly to drive Derry forward. Last Year, the City of Culture firmly placed Derry on the world stage. I am delighted to have played an instrumental role in delivering the Culture year and securing the first ever all Ireland Fleadh in the North. While, we can look back and cherish our achievements, we must work forward to build on those successes to make Derry the number one choice to visit, to work in and to live in.

To do this I will continue to press for the vitally needed infrastructure the City needs. The A5/ A6 plans must be brought forward without delay. To ensure economic growth, we must deliver a University that attracts students from across the globe and we must sponsor its growth for the City to start to garner the divided from University status. No longer can Derry settle for second best and watch our young people leave our city to find employment and prosperity.

In this section you will find my latest efforts in making these aims a reality.

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