Durkan: Immediate traffic management needed at Whitehouse and Woodbrook

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Environment Minister Mark H. Durkan has expressed his dismay at the continued delay in the implementation of road safety measures and widening of the Buncrana Road towards Whitehouse and Woodbrook. The SDLP Foyle MLA called for immediate interim solutions.

“I have lobbied Transport NI, formerly known as Roads Service, on this issue on several occasions and like the residents I am frustrated at the lack of progress. Given that this is a main route into and out of the city from the border and given the increased development in the area, this route is becoming gridlocked causing the residents delays in getting to work and schools.

“In attempts to filter onto the road, users are often putting themselves at risk as the current layout is not only confusing but dangerous.

“I am pleased that TransportNI have recently acknowledged the delay in the construction of the widening scheme. In tandem with this they have proposed to consider short term measures to assist road users at both junctions. While I welcome these solutions I will continue to press for a more permanent project which will not only alleviate traffic congestion in the area but simultaneously improve road and pedestrian safety.”

SDLP Councillor Brian Tierney commented: “I am delighted that TransportNI have decided to investigate potential interim traffic management measures. I have been working closely with residents in Woodbrook Park and understand the difficulties this junction poses for drivers entering and exiting the street. I would welcome any measures TransportNI can bring forward to alleviate this problem.”

admin7Durkan: Immediate traffic management needed at Whitehouse and Woodbrook