Household recycling maintains upward trend

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Environment Minister Mark H Durkan today welcomed the quarterly household recycling and composting rate of 37.6%.

This is an increase of 0.5 percentage points compared to the same January – March period of the previous year.
The amount of compostable materials sent for recycling reached 24,756 tonnes, whilst materials like paper, metal, glass & plastic also increased to 46,913 tonnes in this quarter.
This meant an additional 1,351 tonnes of mostly compostable waste was recycled which led to the household waste composting rate increasing by 0.5 percentage points.
Mark H Durkan said “It is encouraging to see more compostable waste being recycled in the winter months. Hopefully it is a sign that more households are using local council organic collection services for food waste. Treatment of compostable and food waste can result in the production of energy and a high quality compost converting a potential environmental cost into economic value.”
“Less than 50% of household waste continued to be dumped in landfill, with an historical low 47.3% for this quarter. However, the rate of this decrease has also dropped to a historic low of 0.1%.
The Minister continued “Spending a little time separating our household waste for recycling will enable our councils to reduce the amount spent on needless disposal – this quarter alone the landfill tax saved from increases in recycling was over £108,000; money that can now be put to better use for the local community. Individually and as households we can make a real difference through reducing waste and recycling that will improve the environment, society and economy.
“Whether holidaying this summer in the North or further afield, please remember to use the local recycling facilities for the benefit of our shared, global environment.”

Admin 2Household recycling maintains upward trend