One third of bee species threatened with extinction: Durkan

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hat startling statistic has led to numerous government and non government organisations coming together on the island of Ireland to address the problem.
Bees are declining because we’ve drastically reduced the areas where they can nest and the amount of food our landscape provides for them.
The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2015-2020 is the first European cross–border pollinator initiative which provides a strategy to address the decline in our precious pollinators.
Welcoming the publication, Environment Minister Mark H Durkan, whose department helped produce the Plan, said: “I am very worried about the decline of any of our native species. One third of our bee population threatened with extinction is a startling statistic. It is important therefore that my department has been involved in developing this Plan. We very much support this call to action to make Ireland pollinator friendly. In coming together to protect pollinators, we will also protect the livelihood of farmers and growers who rely on their free pollinator service, as well as improving the general health of our environment. This voluntary call for action has received overwhelming support and signifies the importance of the Plan.”
The Plan identifies actions that can be taken on farmland, public land and private land. These include creating “pollinator highways” along our transport routes, making our public parks pollinator friendly and encouraging the public to see their gardens as potential pit-stops for our busy bees.
Minister Durkan continued: “A key element in the plan is the need to raise awareness about how to protect pollinators. Eco-Schools, which we fund, is raising awareness among our young people. Everyone can play a role though, be it farmers, gardeners, businesses, and government.”

Admin 2One third of bee species threatened with extinction: Durkan