Twelve new listed buildings in Belfast

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The Department of Environment has designated twelve new listed buildings in Belfast bringing the current number in the city to 1,119.

The new listings include the Martyr’s Memorial Free Presbyterian Church and McQuiston Presbyterian Church, the Rock Bar in West Belfast, the former Ligoniel public baths, the former Ligoniel Branch library and a number of cast iron boundary markers which mark the historic parliamentary boundaries of the city.
Commenting on the latest listings, Environment Minister Mark H Durkan said: “The new additions reflect the diverse and rich heritage of Belfast. The old parliamentary boundary markers, for example, are significant reminders of the historic 1918 general election. Listing these additional buildings and landmarks will ensure important assets are preserved and protected as part of the city’s rich heritage. The listings will further enhance the tourist potential of Belfast as a great and historic city, a place of which all of its citizens can be rightly proud.”
The latest listings result from the ongoing re-survey of the city’s historic buildings undertaken by the Department.
The designations followed consultation with Belfast City Council and the Historic Buildings Council for Northern Ireland. Further listings are expected over coming months as survey work is evaluated. As part of this process, NIEA has surveyed, to date, 824 historic buildings in the Council area. Information on all of these buildings is published on NIEA’s website once records have been fully evaluated and signed off.

Admin 2Twelve new listed buildings in Belfast